The wonderful world of Egyptian cotton towels and related accessories

Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels

Pamper yourself in the bathroom with Egyptian cotton bath towels.

Egyptian cotton bath towels are known for their sheer softness, luxurious feel, and exceptional comfort that only gets better with age. These cotton towels are available in many different sizes but the bath towel will normally measure 70 x 140 cm, which makes it ideal to be wrapped around your body after a nice hot soak in the bath or a refreshing shower during the day. Cotton towels are the best to use as these are highly absorbent and feel soft to the skin.

Egyptian cotton bathroom towels undoubtedly rank among the top choices when you talk about getting a reliable towel to use. In fact, this is a prized item that is highly popular among the most successful people within a community simply because of the exceptionally high price they demand. There are no other cotton towels out there that can beat the lushness and the durability of these luxury items.

So what should you look out for when looking to buy Egyptian cotton bath towels? The first thing you should check is the thread count.

So what exactly is a thread count and how does this determine the quality of the bath towels?

The Egyptian cotton towel is usually much higher in thread count. This is because the fibers are much longer and thus they can be woven tightly together. This results in a higher thread count with Egyptian cotton. Higher thread counts mean that there are more threads being used in every square inch than those of a lower thread count.

A high thread count simply translates to higher durability and more endurance, which would be great if you plan to use the towel for a long time. All Egyptian cotton bath towels only get softer the more you use them. This is one characteristic that makes them unique and popular.

Ages Gracefully

It is very common to find the fabric you just purchased to be hard and stiff. This is because a higher thread count is used to make an Egyptian cotton bath towel so this will definitely result in a stiffer fabric. But the good news is the more you wash, the more flexible and soft it will be. It actually ages gracefully and gets better with every wash. Apart from that it doesn’t produce much tint when washed or soaked for a long period of time. Thus, the colors stay brighter for longer.

Long Fiber

Egyptian cotton bath towels possess smaller diameters per thread than other cotton yarns out there and this is actually an advantage as more thread count can be used and the results are considerably lighter too. It is more absorbent this way and the fabric becomes more breathable. This is just perfect for a bath towel!

Brand Name

There are different brand names available that offer Egyptian cotton bath towels for sale. Do a little research and read reviews to find out which ranks the best for the consumer in terms of comfort, utility and durability.