The wonderful world of Egyptian cotton towels and related accessories

Egyptian Cotton Robe

What makes the Egyptian cotton robe so comfortable, and why you may want one.

The Egyptian cotton robe is a luxury item that can bring comfort and convenience to its owners. These robes are usually worn after taking a bath or a dip in the swimming pool. Usually these are worn in the confines of your own home where there is no one around simply, because there are typically no clothes worn underneath the robes. Thus, it is important to choose a fabric that feels soft and comfortable to the owner. The robes are worn to provide protection and comfort and privacy to the owner without having to put on additional clothing.

Egyptian cotton robes typically are worn by those who desire the finest in attire and the best quality materials out there to wrap their bodies with. They are usually designed with front closure and can be worn with a belt to secure the fabric over the body. Robes were originally worn by women but the men have started to adorn them, which originate from the tradition of banyan, the 18th century tradition which mimics the orientalist.

Cotton remains the most popular fabric to be used for robes simply because of its highly absorbent nature, and this is attributed to the principle of cellulose polarization, which makes it highly absorbent to water. The best cotton bathrobes around are believed by many to be Egyptian cotton robes. They are ideal for all climates and even more so for high temperature areas, as these provide enough protection and are highly absorbent.  This prevents perspiration from becoming an issue during hot scorching days.

The quality of cotton used in an Egyptian cotton robe depends on 5 elements-the fineness of the thread, the shine, its purity, the length of the fiber, and the color. The finer the cotton yarn is, the quality will be higher too as those threads can be spun closely together to create a high thread count.

Another aspect to consider is the shine it provides. The shiner and glossier the surface of the fabric, the better the quality will be. The purity of the cotton yarn remains an issue as well; obviously a more purified version of the cotton yarns that is free from impurities and blemishes fetches a higher price in the marketplace.

The length of the fiber is also very important to determine its quality. The longer the fiber threads are the closer it can be spun and there is less chance of break-in when the fabrics are washed.

Egyptian cotton makes use of the best cotton yarns in the world that produces a highly breathable fabric that is soft, comfortable and flexible. It gets better with age and becomes softer the more it is washed. This makes the Egyptian cotton bathrobe a very popular item out therein the marketplace.

The cotton plants are grown along the banks of the Nile River in Egypt and the hot and humid condition creates a very conducive spot to grow these high quality cotton plants. The rich soil along the river banks provides the best nutrition to nurture and grow these long fiber cotton plants to be sold worldwide as the finest quality cotton produced in the world.

The fibers of the Egyptian cotton robe are almost twice as long as any other cotton fibers in the world.