The wonderful world of Egyptian cotton towels and related accessories

Egyptian Cotton Towels

Luxury Egyptian cotton towels give you the ultimate comfort.

Egyptian cotton towels are known for their superior softness, durability and strength. They are far stronger than any other cotton towels out there because of the characteristics that are common to all Egyptian cotton.

Egyptian cotton has very long fibers, much longer than those of normal cotton grown elsewhere in the world. Perhaps some of this is attributed to genetic and climate might play an important role as well. This results in superior cotton and made out of this long fiber cotton plants.

The cotton yarns spun out of these cotton plants are used to make superior high end beddings such as Egyptian cotton sheets and Egyptian cotton towels. The fabrics from the cotton are very strong and soft. They are incredibly absorbent as well. It gets better with age and has minimal shrinkage due to the closeness of the thread count used to create those cotton towels.

Nothing is more luxurious than to pamper yourself with a nice wrap with an Egyptian cotton bath towel or to pamper your face with Egyptian face towels. It is soft and provides a welcoming change to the normal coarse texture of other inferior fabrics.

Not all Egyptian cotton towels are created equally.  If you need to pick one, always go with the one that is heavier and has more thread count per square meter. A good cotton towel normally has at least 600 gsm or grams per square meter. Cotton towels that have a high count normally would inform the users in the labels as this is obviously a great selling point.

If the cotton towel doesn’t have these labels then probably it doesn’t have the higher grams you need per square meter, thus it is never mentioned. Check to see that the edges are double stitched so it won’t fray after several uses.

The Egyptian cotton towels are undoubtedly items of luxury and beauty and it comes in many different sizes as well.

For instance, the bath sheet measures 90 x 150cm. the bath towel measures 70 x 140cm, the smaller hand towel would measure 40 x 70cm and the face towel would be a square 33x33cm. Make sure you know the exact size you want and what you need it for before you start looking for one.

The first thing to do when you arrive home with your new cotton towels is to wash them thoroughly. The first wash will turn the stiff fabric into a softer and more usable item. It also rinses any leftover dye that may be accidentally left on the towels.

Get rid of any colorants on the towel too. Do not use fabric softeners though. Do not use any type of oxidizing agent as well. Be careful of any facial cleansers or bathroom detergent. Some of the cleaning agents may accidentally bleach your new precious towel.

An investment in Egyptian cotton towels can be the best gift you can give yourself if you can afford this type of luxury in your life. They are soft, durable and classy and there is a sense of comfort and satisfaction knowing that you had got the best fabric out there to pamper yourself.