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Queen Waterbed Sheets

Queen waterbed sheets for a queen size bed are a special luxury bedding form, made in Egyptian cotton, satin, silk, lace and more materials.

Buying queen waterbed sheets for your bedroom can be difficult, especially when you’re looking for the ideal type.  You’ll find the world of bedding to be an obnoxiously crowded place, and it’s extremely difficult to find what you’re looking for, unless you know how to look.  You’ll find that sheets come in all different types of material, as well as thread counts, and that can just be confusing if you’ve never shopped before.  But with a little patience and effort on your part, you can be sure to find queen waterbed sheets that you’ll adore for a lifetime.  All you have to do, is think about what will work with your budget, and bedroom the best.

The first thing to think about is always going to be the thread count of your sheets.  This is important, as thread count determines just how durable and comfortable your queen waterbed sheets will be.  This is measured by how many vertical and horizontal threads are present in one square inch of fabric.  Usually the scale starts at about 180, and goes up exponentially from there.  You’ll find that the higher the thread count, the better the sheets will feel, but also the more durable they will be in the long run.  However, very high thread count sheets are also quite expensive, which aren’t always affordable on every budget.

Of course, it’s also important to be sure that the queen waterbed sheets you choose, are fully prepared for waterbed use.  Usually these types of sheets are quite a bit longer than standard queen sheets. Because they have to accommodate all the folds and movement of the bed, as you lay down.  This is important, as the wrong type of sheets can actually be fairly uncomfortable, and also undesirable to lay on, for long periods of time.  Plus, you want to be sure that they are properly durable for waterbed use, which can be very important in the longevity of your sheets, as you use them every night.

Remember though you also want to choose an ideal material for your queen waterbed sheets, to control the way that the fabric feels.  The most common material is cotton, and so long as there is a higher thread count, you’ll feel that they are very comfortable, and are ideal for long term use.  However, you can also go with a more high quality material like Egyptian cotton, or even lace or silk, which will feel even better on your skin.  Of course these types of materials are more expensive, nothing will dress up your room in the same way, or allow your entire home to look fantastic.

When it comes to purchasing the ideal queen waterbed sheets, you can find exactly what you’re looking for from most department stores.  Retailers like Target or Walmart will have exactly what you need when you’re looking for standard sheets of any kind.  Otherwise you may want to think about shopping at stores like JC Penny or Kohl’s to find really high quality queen waterbed sheets, that will make your bed feel all the better.